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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels
The Eternal Fight

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The Eternal Fight

I look deep in your soul.
I have to fight the hold you have.
You eyes are red, yellow, and a pale blue.
Cold, yet I know you burn so hot.
I attack you from the front.
I hit the very base of your soul.
With the full pressure of the power I have in my hand.
I push hard.
You push back harder.
You breathe - in and out.
It is like a dance we do
Over and over.
But, slowly I am winning.
You, yes you are a serious player.
But, I play harder.
Hitting you fast.
Wetting you down.
Sweat runs down my soot covered brow.
I am not sure how.
But, I will beat you
I will make you bend.
To my wet force.
I fight for those you wish to take.
I fight for those you wish to break.
To fight behind a shield.
To never let go to never yield.
I share a soul with others.
I fight with teamwork, water and endless spirit.
Sometimes I give my life.
Saving others from your endless strife.
I fight with a pike pole.
Tearing slowly a rent in your soul.
Finally, you are dying.
You are slowly withering.
I keep coming at you full force.
I know how you are.
You will never truly give up.
You want more than to leave a scar.
You destroy, kill, and totally obliterate.
You breathe in - spark a little.
Trying to come back.
You are nothing but ashes now.
I walk away.
You smolder as if to say
"I will never go away."
I will be ready.
To hold my head steady.
To fight you again.
This thing, this beast
That some call fire.
As I take one last look through the dying light
Yes, you and I will see each other again.
Once again in The Eternal Fight.


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