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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels

All I need to know in life....

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All I need to know in life I learned in EMS
Through working and teaching in EMS, I Have learned that

On Sleep
... Sleep is good. It heals many wounds of the heart
... Never go to bed angry
... put new batteries in your smoke detectors two times each year
... Money spent on safety or security is never wasted
... Never smoke in bed
... Never leave a candle burning

On Food
...We really are what we eat, and people who eat mostly junk end up with bodies which becomes just that.... junk
...Fast food is neither... and the tme you save is time stolen rom being alive to see your grandchilren.
...Good food is worth the effort and expense

On Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
...Cigarette smokers are just as selfish about their drugs as any other adddict, and deserve the same about of compassion.
...Alcohol is the number one date rape drug
...People who allow themselves to becomes severely intoxicated or impaired voluntarily give up a lot of their personal safety
...Drunks do stupid things
...tobacco and alcohol do a great job thinning out the gene pool
... A Drunken parent is at best a selfish jerk at worst an evil being unworthy of their children's love
... recovery is always possible

On General Health
... Wealth is not nearly as important as health
...Doctors are just human beings with a lot of education
... Compassion is free

On Staying Safe
...Seat Belts only work when used every time you get in your vehicle
... Children and pets do not belong in the back of pickup trucks
... Trains always Win
..."I'm Sorry" can't undue many things
... People who are always in a hurry end up costing themselves much more time, one way or another
...Take all of your medication as Directed

On Exercise
...Couch potatoes eventaully resemble the real thing
...Planning the plan is fine, but it is in learning to accept the outcomes that we find true peace
... Sometimes, our best is just not enough
... People who are cruel to their children die very lonely deaths
... There is such a thing as to much caffeine
....At the end of life, people without faith in something are far more afraid than are people who have faith.
... Dying people never ask to see their banker or their boss
...Life Isn't always fair
... Always let someone know where you are and when you expect to be back
... Prevention is much better
...Clean underwear DOES matter
... take time to appreciate the wonder around you
...Leaves other's grief and guilt outside of your own home
.... There is no such thin as common sense, only common stupidy
... there is a good reason why lawnmowers have warnings on them
... most people hide a lot of fear and lonelines in their hearts
... htere is such a thing as evil in this world


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