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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels
Firefighter Down

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The tones go out
In the middle of the night.
The firefighter responds
There’s a fire to fight.

The apparatus rolls
As the crew gets ready
The Officer’s on the radio.
The driver holds it steady.

As the truck draws near
Black smoke rolls into sight,
The firefighters are ready
To battle the orange light.

The flames are growing.
They find the occupants are out.
The hose lines are charged.
This is what it’s all about.

Two firefighters go in
To battle the flame.
Something doesn’t feel right,
They both feel the same.

The creaking is now loud,
They turn to retreat.
The roof crashes in
The sound is deafening in the street.

Other firefighters are trying
To clear through the rubble.
They know two of their own
Are in grave trouble.

At last one calls out,
“One firefighter found!”
The digging begins
To get him unbound.

He asks for his partner
As they pull him free.
They tell him they’re looking,
And then they finally see.

His partner has been found,
His injuries are grave.
As hard as they try,
His life they could not save.

Thousands of grieving firefighters
Gathered to hear
The chaplain say, “Firefighter Down,”
And from each falls a tear.

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