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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels
Helmet 89

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A day like many other days, just quiet and serene,
The station house and all the gear was polished squeaky clean.
The gear was all in place and not a speck of dirt was found.
Then suddenly at 1:15 the bell began to sound.

A four alarm had just come in, and now all hell broke loose.
The men react with instinct, as adrenaline starts to boost.
The youngest member of the team, had just been there a year.
He was a solid player, but he had a lack of fear.

The men would always tell him, "fear creates a cautious man,
And fear will keep you out of danger, do you understand?"
He would always smile and say, "I understand you guys,
And I know that our main goal is to save some people's lives."

And now dressed in his battle gear, he thought "in record time,"
He reached to get his head gear, he was helmet 89.
Minutes later they had reached the building's raging fire,
The fire was on the second floor, but flames were moving higher.

Apartment complex, 6 full floors, and it was made of wood,
And there were people still inside, this wasn't looking good.
Minutes later, all the tenants were accounted for,
Except two little children, in apartment fifty-four.

They were on the balcony with firemen down below,
A mother begging them to jump, but they were screaming, "No."
"Babies jump," the mother screamed, she cried and loudly pleaded.
The more she yelled and screamed at them, the more the girls receded.

No time to wait for ladders, and the girls just would not leap,
And firemen are the kind of men, who can't accept defeat.
A fireman made his way to them, amidst the fiery swirls,
And on the balcony appeared, behind the little girls.

When the firemen down below, assured him they were set,
One by one he tossed the little girls into the net.
Then readying himself to jump, he backed up in the room,
And as he did the building shook, with terrifying 'boom.'

The building now engulfed in flames, a blazing heat inferno,
With people looking on in shock, not knowing where to go.
The heat was so intense, and smoke was seen for miles that day,
All the fireman there could do was quickly back away.

When the reinforcements came to help contain the blaze,
They fought the battle through the night until the break of day.
Now the fire was over, and they sifted through the ash,
Each knowing what to look for, but nobody stopped to ask.

One of them had fallen, and they searched in deep despair,
Praying for a miracle, that he would not be there.
Sometimes in life you know exactly what has taken place,
But pray that God has changed the outcome with his saving grace.

The bravery that some people have, along with dedication,
Is what has made America the world's most greatest nation.
Men and women who respect and cherish human life,
And from their heart, are lead to ease another's daily strife.

Not for money or for fame, it is the inner drives,
That keeps our public servants, motivated in their lives.
Our fireman and police, and those who work to serve mankind,
Never know when one day their life may be on the line.

Many men and women who have lost their lives before,
Are known to just a few, but they are heroes evermore.
Because they served the public, they are known among their ranks,
But, they deserve our praise along with our unending thanks.

This story serves to thank the ones who serve us in this way,
And make us realize the dangers, they face everyday.
To make this world a better place, protecting human life,
To make us realize sometimes, what they may sacrifice.

So as this search continued, in the ashes and the mess,
A voice rang out, that made the others stop and take a breath.
From the rubble, one man found all that the group could find.
He reached and found the charred remains of helmet 89.


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