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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels
Oviedo's Angel

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It was Saturday, June 8th, two thousand and two
he chose to help others, because that's what Firefighter's do

As he drove down the road, there was an accident ahead
He wasn't on duty, but it was Shane, enough said

He sprang into action, and never thought twice
That helping to stop others, he would pay the Ultimate price

Many people drove by, without even a thought
But it was no surprise to us that he chose to stop

Someone had to be hurt, it looked really bad
He could make a difference, he thought, with the training he had

So his heart took over, and assistance he gave
In seconds it was his life, they were trying to save

Many try not to, but most of us cry
The flags have been lowered, in your honor they fly

He loved being a Firefighter, he was proud of his life
His biggest love of all, was his love for his wife

He didn't predict, he couldn't have known
That this one act of kindness, would leave her alone

She will never understand, she will always ask why
Such a wonderful you man, was chosen to die

As the days slowly pass, and time moves along
She will look at his ring, and remember their song

We will remember his smile, his laugh, and his charm
As he watches from above, to protect us from harm

If he has the time that is, because I'm sure you all know
He's already Unionized Heaven, Local 9-1-1-0

You are one of America\'s heroes, your memory will live
on forever
Your life here on earth, your loved ones will treasure

Soar into your new life, fly high and be free
Will will never forget you, Firefighter Shane Kelly

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