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Firefighters And Emergency Personnels

The Heart Of EMS

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The Heart Of EMS
Sorry If We Woke You
In The Middle Of The Night
But Someone In Your Neighborhood
If Fighting For Their Life
Sorry If We Blocked The Road
And Made You Turn Around
But There’s Been a Bad Wreck
With Injured On The Ground
When You See Us Coming
I Hope You Understand
Let Us Have The Right Of Way
Someone Needs A Helping Hand
Sometimes A Broken leg,
Sometimes a Heart Stop Beating
If we Don’t Arrive Soon
it May Be Too Late
If You see Us Crying
When We are Alone
You’ll know we had a bad One
And we’re Feeling Mighty Down
We Don’t Do IT For The Money
You Know We Don’t Get Paid
We Don’t Do If For The Glory
But For The Life We Might Have Saved
Somewhere Deep Within Us
Our Souls Are Crying Out
We’re Here OT Help Our Neighbors
In Their Hour Of Pain & Doubt
God Gave Us Something Special
To Help Us See You Through
We Do it ‘Cause we Love You
And We Care About You Too!


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